About Us

We love curling irons, nail polish and makeup and all things beautiful!

Before we turn all gushy and giggly, let us tell you a little more about us.

At Envy, It is our goal to enhance your beauty in our luxurious space designed solely for your comfort so you will have a relaxed and indulgent experience. We offer a wide range of beverages and even wine! Oooh...don't you love the slight flush on your face after a sip of wine?

At Envy, we are here to listen to what you want. Through a consultative process with our professional stylists, we will offer you a look that fits your daily habits and lifestyle. We will guide you on how to maintain your look on a daily basis because we believe you should be beautiful everyday, not just on the day you did your hair.

Anything new, cutting edge and good can be found here at Envy. Our team are up to date with the latest trends and products to ensure we are always well positioned to offer up an instagrammable you!

So darlings! Bring along a few BFFs for an indulgent girls' day out or just hang with us while getting a beautiful head of hair!

P.S Our owner is known to enjoy a glass or two with our customers.

If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle. - Hillary Rodham Clinton

Customer Reviews

  • “An awesome haircut (director Adrian), trendsetting, friendly crew, great ambience and not forgetting good wine while getting the hair fixed! And yeah, an enjoyable tete-a-tete with owner, Fon. Honestly, what more can u ask? I'll be back and bring many more to come! Keep it up! ”- Chris Lee     
  • “Envy Nail Lounge is what I recommend to anyone who would like to style their hair. 1. Gratifying service 2. Clean and neat salon 3. Approachable staff. I was served by Wei Wei and she made me comfortable. I have visited many hair saloon's and none made me this comfortable. 4. Affordable price. ”- Sujatha S Sahu     
  • “Fantastic hair cut done by Michelle :)”- Derrick Lam     
  • “My sister likes it very much! thanks. she said that her nails had never been nicer before~”- Lu Yang     
  • “I felt intimidated initially with their shop front. But everything was nice & comfy with their attentive service. Dong Wei was my hair stylist. Very professional-- she first asked for my preference, then suggested her plan, and would patiently explained to me why & how to manage my mane ;) * very happy with the end result:) And don't miss chatting up with the unassuming lady boss who threads around to take your drinks order or an insightful chit-chat! ”- Adeline Lum     