Hayley Woo : Envy Lounge & Semi-finals of Love Culture

Went to Envy Lounge for an appointment to do my nails before the performance!

46 Peck Seah Street
Singapore 079316
Telephone: 6736 1220 / 6221 1220
Email: envynaillounge@gmail.com

Even though they are very packed with customers, the boss managed to slot me in the afternoon.
So grateful to them! *touched*
Here’s Aini doing my nails. Opted for gellish!

Final product~

Did my hair there too!

This left my hair smelling like strawberry for 2 days!

Feels awesome when there’s two people doing your hair at the same time.

End product! 😀

One photo with Aini babe after all the hard work she have done.

Selcas taken in the car.

Love my makeup and hair! ^_^v

Drove down to City Square Mall right after for the Semi-finals.

Style of the day:
Shades from Bangkok.
Cream padded jacket from Hong Kong.
Black sequined dress from a blogshop.
Leggings and boots borrowed from Jayley.

Ah toon was like,”Omg Hayley! Very pretty today!”

I kinda miss them..

Sequence of the day. I was number 5.

One of my Stitchies, Shanice manage to twit-pic me two photos while I was performing. xD

Nobody videoed down my performance till I got a tweet from someone.
C wasn’t there to support me cos he had to work. :'(
Only people who I knew was there was mommy and some Stitchies, C’s family members and his granny came down for me but they were too late! :( Really appreciate them for making the time to come down though!

Please try not to laugh at me… :(
C thinks it was my best performance so far. XD And I really like how slim my thighs looks! 😛

Voting starts after all the groups had finished their performances.

Here’s Mommy!

C’s relatives and Dad~

2 of my Stitchies.

More photos taken while waiting for the announcement for the result.

Mommy~ <3

Dear ah toon dongsaeng! xoxo
*Gasps* No idea why my arm seems so skinny in here!

Love this picture man!

Him with mommy.

Thanks to these 4 that came down. :)

Though they quickly jumped ‘ship’ when they saw Alton. LOL

With Shanice, one of my Hayleycopters admin and Stitchies! 😀

C’s Daddy and his Uncle James.

Finally, the time to announce the results!

Congrats to those who gotten in! Especially happy for my dongsaeng!

Wasn’t upset or disappointed when my name wasn’t called. Been a great experience! First time singing and dancing (halfway) in front of a public! (Second time singing) Definitely a boost for training my stage fright! 😉

I would still totally go for auditions in the future man. 
Ain’t giving up on this dream of mine!

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