OLAPLEX Hair Treatment

OLAPLEX is a revolutionary hair treatment that repairs the broken disulphide bonds in your hair. Your hair's bonds break down when you continuously colour, bleach or apply heat to it, which means that your hair gets damaged. This is where OLAPLEX comes in, it is a bond multiplier that limits the damage your hair incurs when you colour, bleach or apply any heat treatment. The three constituent parts of OLAPLEX are: No.1 the Bond Multiplier, No.2 the Bond Perfector, and No.3 the Hair Perfector. They are all the same ingredients, but used in different ways to maximise the repairing process. OLAPLEX No.1 which is the Bond Multiplier gets added to your colour or bleach. Then OLAPLEX No.2 will be applied after the colour and toner has been rinsed off. The OLAPLEX Hair Perfector is a take-home treatment and should be used once a week to tide you over between salon appointments. So if you brushed a little too vigorously, coloured too much or have general day to day damage, OLAPLEX is the hair treatment for you! To find out more about OLAPLEX, or if you want to find an OLAPLEX in your area.


Product Description

Go Blonder. Push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of hair.


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